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Olympus Camera Wi-Fi API


Since I started my interest on photography, I chose SONY RX100 Mark III initially and now I use a M4/3 interchangeable lens camera, the Olympus E-M5 Mark II.

Cameras nowadays commonly support Wi-Fi sync with mobile apps. And so does Olympus, which provides an OI Share app to do that.

And I found some blog articles about the Wi-Fi protocol or commands of Olympus camera. Most of them are not well maintained, because Olympus camera is a minority choice in Internet world.

Fortunately, I found the stv0g/libqt-omd project on GitHub. Though the wiki is down, I could read the source code to figure out the APIs by myself.

API Specification

The API specification is maintained at Olympus Wi-Fi API Specification.

Here is a useful gist and there is an official protocol document in comment.


At last, I came up with an idea that make a web based client for computers built with the APIs, which is named Olympia. Thus, we can transfer and manage photos on our computer.

Here is a list of features:

  • Web based UI
  • Sync photos easily
  • Manage photos both remotely and locally
  • Upload or backup to online cloud storage

The project is crispgm/olympia, written in Ruby.